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Tests results

Grid RPC systems tests and analysis

We have led some tests of two Grid RPC systems (Ninf and NetSolve) functionality as well as the analysis of source codes for these systems. The results of the tests and analysis are collected in the internal SGIgrid project report. Please refer to the documents section.

Test environment

The test installation includes some supercomputers, clusters and workstations in Poznan and Gdansk. The list of testbed components is provided in the table below.

Libraries tests results

In a few weeks this part of the SGI project page will contain the results of timing the mathematical library function executions on the testbed nodes.
The timing tests are led in order to confirm the possibility of automatic detection of performance characteristics of the mathematical library code and a possibility to discover the performance-related characteristics of computing resources.
For more information concerning the concept of the mechanism for automatic discovering of code/machine performance features please refer to the PPAM conference paper in the
documents section.

Center Machine OS Domain name Processor number Processor type amount of RAM
PCSS SGI Origin 3800 Irix 6.5 grape.man.poznan.pl 128 R12000, 400 MHz 80 GB
PCSS SGI Onyx 2 Irix 6.5 cactus.man.poznan.pl 8 R10000, 185 MHz 6 GB
PCSS SGI Power Challenge 10000 L Irix 6.5 elder.man.poznan.pl 4 R10000, 195 MHz 384 MB
PCSS SGI Power Challenge XL Irix 6.5 tulip.man.poznan.pl 12 R8000, 90 MHz 1 GB
PCSS Dell Power Edge 6300 Red Hat Linux 8.0 cpcsingle.man.poznan.pl 1 Intel Xeon 500 MHz 256 MB
PCSS Dell Power Edge 6300 Red Hat Linux 8.0 cpcdual-atrium.man.poznan.pl 2 Intel Xeon 500 MHz 512 MB
TASK IA32 Xeon/Dolphin Cluster Debian Linux 3.0 galera.task.gda.pl 128 Intel Xeon 700 MHz 16 GB
TASK SGI Origin 2000 + Onyx 2 Irix 6.5 fregata.task.gda.pl 8x MIPS R1000 195 MHz
+ 16x MIPS R12000 300 MHz
16 GB
TASK SGI Octane Irix pancernik.task.gda.pl 2x MIPS R12000 400 MHz 512 MB,
cache L1 65 K,
L2 2MB