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Welcome to the MATHLIB project page!

Project scope

The project "Remote access to mathematical libraries" is a part of the SGIgrid project that is realised by Polish educational computing centres.

The main aim of the project is to provide Polish scientific users access to the mathematical libraries installed in educational computing centres.

The solution bases on NetSolve, the Grid RPC system, developed in US by Innovative Computing Labs at the University of Tennessee.

The area of R&D works include:

  • execution time prediction techniques
  • scheduling techniques
  • fault tolerance techniques
  • integration with SGIgrid cluster.

    For more information on the area of R&D works and their motivation click here.

  • Project participants:

    Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center   Academic Computer Center "TASK" in Gdansk

    Publications and presentations:

    We have some publications in the project area:
  • Evaluation of execution time of mathematical library functions based on historical performance information. M.Brzezniak, N.Meyer...
  • Optimisation of the usage of mathematical libraries in the Grid environment. M.Brzezniak, N.Meyer...

    Test installation:

    We are testing the NetSolve system and mathematical libraries in centres in Poznan and Gdansk.
    For more details
    click here. bitmap